2020-21 Ticket Information

A limited amount of tickets to Noblesville High School home athletic events can be purchased at our GoFan Ticketing Page. We will release tickets up to a week in advance of the events. We will continue to do this in order to monitor our event capacities. This number factors in: season passes already purchased by the families of each program, HCC passes that are distributed by each school, and Noblesville Gold Cards will also be admitted to events. At this time we will not be issuing new Gold Cards.

Please understand that you may not be able to attend events as you have in the past. In an effort to accommodate our supporters, we have partnered with Hamilton County Television to provide coverage of more of our home events. You can watch our events on the Hamilton County Television website, their YouTube Channel, and on the IHSAA Champions Network, which is available as an app on your television and mobile devices by searching IHSAA TV.

NOTE: If you see an “At Capacity” sign outside of our events, please know that if you have a ticket to the event, you WILL be admitted.

NOTE: an issue on GoFan has been brought to our attention. If you don’t see an event on the GoFan page or app, refresh the page or app and this should resolve the issue.


Ticketing decisions are determined by the host school and we will distribute tickets to away events at the direction of the host school.




What is a mobile only event?

  • A mobile only event means that you will need to present your tickets on a smartphone for entry into the event.
  • The ticket taker will redeem your tickets directly from your phone screen by selecting the tickets and pressing the “redeem now” button on the bottom of the screen.

I don’t have a smartphone, but I want to purchase tickets to a mobile only event.

  • Mobile only tickets must be presented on a smartphone for entry into the event.
  • Unfortunately, if you do not have a smartphone to access your tickets, you will not be able to use GoFan for that particular event.
  • You can always forward our confirmation email to another person you may be arriving with and access your tickets on their smartphone.

How will I receive my tickets?

  • You will receive a confirmation email upon purchase with a “view tickets” button to access your tickets.
  • You will receive a similar email two hours prior to the start of the event with the same “view tickets” button.

Where can I find my tickets after purchase?

  • You can login to your GoFan account and click “my tickets.”
  • Locate your confirmation email and select “view tickets.”

How do I print my tickets?

  • After accessing your tickets through your GoFan account or confirmation email, simply click “print tickets.”
  • Tickets may be “mobile only” which means you will need to present your tickets on a smartphone at the gate of the event for entry. If your event is “mobile only”, you will not be able to print your tickets.

How do I share my tickets?

  • To share all tickets from your purchase, simply forward the confirmation email.
  • From a mobile phone, you can also transfer specific tickets via text or email by clicking the “share tix” button on the ticket screen. Please note, this share feature is not available from a desktop.

Where do I see my seat location for a reserved seating event?

  • Access your reserved seating tickets the same as you would any other ticket. On a printed ticket, the seat location will print below the ticket name. On a digital ticket, simply tap the ticket from a mobile device and you will see the seat location.

How do I use my GoFan mobile pass?

  • Present your mobile pass on a smartphone. Your pass will reset and be available for use at the next event.

I input my email address incorrectly, is there a way to edit my information?

  • Unfortunately, you cannot change your account information once it is created.
  • Call our fan support team who will be able to resend your confirmation email to the correct address.
  • For future purchases, build a new account using the correct email address.

I did not receive my confirmation email, where can I find it?

  • Sometimes, a spam filter will catch our confirmation email – the sender is service@GoFan.Co
  • If you are unable to locate the email, our fan support team has the ability to resend your confirmation.

What is needed at the ticket gate?

  • All you need to bring is the tickets that you purchased.
  • For a mobile only event, present your tickets on a smartphone.
  • As a reminder, mobile only tickets cannot be printed; you must present your tickets on a smartphone for entry.
  • For a scanning event, you have the option to print your tickets, or the tickets can be scanned directly from your phone.

I accidentally redeemed my ticket – what can I do?

  • Your ticket is not gone, it can be found on the “redeemed tickets” tab in your account.
  • There is a timestamp noting when the ticket was redeemed; if prior to the event, most schools will understand and allow you entry into the event.
  • The GoFan fan support team is available to help and may be able to resend tickets to you, depending on the situation.

The event that I’m looking for is not on my school’s GoFan page.

  • Your school may not have any upcoming events that they chose to sell on GoFan.
  • We are still working on getting all high schools on our platform – your school may not be using GoFan yet.

I can find the event I’m looking for, but do not have the ability to purchase tickets.

  • The event may have reached capacity for online sales.
  • The school may have elected to cut off online ticket sales at a certain time.

I am unable to use my ticket(s) – can I have a refund?

  • Unfortunately, GoFan has a no refund policy. Please reach out to our fan support team with any questions.

An event that I have purchased tickets to is canceled or postponed – what do I do?

  • For cancellations, it will be up to the school if they allow refunds or offer tickets for a future event.
  • For postponements, your ticket will still be valid for the new date and time.