Girls Varsity Swimming & Diving · Miller Girls Swimming falls to Brownsburg

91 Noblesville High School
94 Brownsburg High School
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Noblesville High School vs Brownsburg High School
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The Noblesville Millers were defeated by the Brownsburg Bulldogs 94-91 on Saturday at Brownsburg High School.

The Millers picked up first place relay victories in the 200 Medley and the 400 Freestyle Relay. Caitlin Marshall claimed first place in the 200 Individual Medley and the 100 Butterfly, Sammy Huff took home first place in the 200 Freestyle, Caroline Santerre won the 100 Backstroke, and Abby Harvey won the 100 Breaststroke.

The Millers will host Herron on Thursday night at Noblesville High School.

Results for the Millers:
200 Medley: 1st, Noblesville “A” 1:53.10 (Jordan Cooley, Sammy Huff, Caitlin Marshall, Abby Harvey); 4th, Noblesville “B” (Emily DeCocq, Rochelle Santerre, Ava Walker, Reagan Hart) 2:02.67; 6th, Noblesville “C” (Sara Fife, Becca Dillion, Abby Retz, Ava Pavich) 2:10.42.
200 Freestyle: 1st, Sammy Huff 2:00.63; 3rd, Claire Yeakey 2:03.91; 5th, Caroline Santerre 2:07.48.
200 Individual Medley: 1st, Caitlin Marshall 2:18.38; 2nd, Sophie Resner 2:19.11; 3rd, Jordan Cooley 2:21.45.
50 Freestyle: 2nd, Reagan Hart 26.54; 5th, Fiona Halvorsen 27.03; 6th, Katie Kramer 27.32.
100 Butterfly: 1st, Caitlin Marshall 1:01.84; 5th, Tina Berger 1:08.23; 6th, Abby Harvey 1:08.88.
100 Freestyle: 3rd, Katie Kramer 58.47; 4th, Reagan Hart 58.52; 5th, Fiona Halvorsen 59.26.
500 Freestyle: 2nd, Sammy Huff 5:35.77; 3rd, Sophie Resner 5:37.13; 6th, Emma Snyder 5:59.23.
200 Freestyle Relay: 2nd, Noblesville “A” (Reagan Hart, Claire Yeakey, Fiona Halvorsen, Abby Harvey) 1:44.88; 4th, Noblesville “B” (Katie Kramer, Sophie Resner, Christina Mathis, Ava Walker) 1:49.05; 5th, Noblesville “C” (Corissa Everhart, Ava Pavich, Olivia Chingis, Lauren Motz) 1:56.51.
100 Backstroke: 1st, Caroline Santerre 1:04.23; 3rd, Sara Fife 1:06.19; 4th, Emily DeCocq 1:07.13.
100 Breaststroke: 1st, Abby Harvey 1:11.59; 4th, Jordan Cooley 1:15.85; 6th, Claire Yeakey 1:19.32.
400 Freestyle Relay: 1st, Noblesville “A” (Caitlin Marshall, Sophie Resner, Claire Yeakey, Sammy Huff) 3:44.69; 3rd, Noblesville “B” (Fiona Halvorsen, Sara Fife, Jordan Cooley, Caroline Santerre) 3:56.59; 5th, Noblesville “C” (Lauren Motz, Tina Berger, Rochelle Santerre, Christina Mathis) 4:13.25.