Millers News · Final Five Millers Celebrate Their College Decisions

Noblesville Athletics hosted a second Spring Signing Day for 2019 on Tuesday, May 21 at Noblesville High School. Five Miller student-athletes were joined by their families, friends, coaches, and teachers to celebrate their commitment to further their academic and athletic careers in college.

This spring signing class includes three Miller Cheerleaders who were part of two state championships and one state runner-up finish.

We asked these Millers to give insights to their decisions, and in this article, they will appreciate the people that surrounded them throughout their journey.

The following Millers celebrated their college decisions (you can select their names to go directly to their profile):

  1. Alyssa Burgess
  2. Justin Johnson-Sparks
  3. Mattie Neely
  4. Hunter Roberts
  5. Graley Walter

Alyssa Burgess, Cheerleading. Ball State University.
Front Row (Left to Right): Joe Burgess (Father), Alyssa Burgess, Wanda Burgess (Mother)
Back Row (Left to Right): Crystal Scott (Former Noblesville Cheerleading Head Coach), Dave Holloway, Bethe Beaver, Andrew Masten (Noblesville Cheerleading Assistant Coach)

Ball State University (NCAA Division I); Muncie, Indiana

  • Position: Flyer
  • Intended Major: Interior Design
  • Non-Athletic Involvement:
    • Cadet Teacher (Hazel Dell Elementary)
    • Coach (Indiana Elite)

Why I Chose My School: Ball State is a very good school for my major, it is not too far from home, and it gave me an opportunity to continue cheering.

How I Want to Get Involved: I plan on meeting people in my major and going to events around campus at the beginning of the school year to help me get more comfortable.

My Biggest Inspiration: My mother is my biggest inspiration because she is the person I have always looked up to and the person I have always wanted to be.

I Would Like to Thank: I would like to thank my family for always supporting me, pushing me to continue on, and dealing with all of my injuries. I would also like to thank all of my coaches for showing and reminding me why I love to do what I do and helping me to become better at it.

Former Head Coach Crystal Scott, Noblesville Millers Cheerleading
“Alyssa will be so missed at NHS Cheer! Alyssa is one of those cheerleaders that does what is asked of her without complaint. She truly loves to cheer and it shows in her energy and spirit on the court, track, and mat. Alyssa is not afraid of hard work and this has prepared her for the next level. She was a member of two State Championship teams as well a State Runner-Up team. Ball State Cheer will be well represented with this future Cardinal!”

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Justin Johnson-Sparks, Men’s Lacrosse. Harper College.
Front Row (Left to Right): Leslie Smith (Mother), Justin Johnson-Sparks
Back Row (Left to Right): Michael Weimer (Noblesville Wrestling Head Coach), Adam Metzler (Noblesville Football and Wrestling Assistant Coach)

Harper College (NJCAA Division III); Palatine, Illinois

  • Weight Class: Lightweight
  • Intended Major: Mechanical Engineering
  • Academic Achievements:
    • Two time Honor Roll
  • Non-Athletic Involvement:
    • Volunteer Opportunities
    • Youth Wrestling Coach

Why I Chose My School: I chose Harper College because it was a good fit for me to continue the next chapter in my life. Academically they have so many resources and programs that are beneficial that they offer that will help in the long run career-wise. Second, they’re a good spot for me to wrestle on a collegiate level, along with them preparing me to wrestle tougher competition when my time is up there. Another reason why I chose the school is that it is closer to my hometown where I have friends and family.

How I Want to Get Involved: I intend on giving back to the youth and shaping them into not only better wrestlers but also into better men.

My Biggest Inspiration: One of my biggest inspirations is my coach, Shabaka Johns, who taught me to always push yourself into being the best version of you and to always chase your dreams, that you can achieve them along as you put your mind to it with commitment and dedication.

I Would Like to Thank: First, I’d like to give honor to God who has allowed me to get to this point and have things in store for me. Second, I’d like to thank my family who’s always been supportive of me. I’d also like to thank Coach Weimer, Shabaka, Soko, Roberts, Madden, and Ambrose who all helped mold me into the man and wrestler that I am today.

Head Coach Michael Weimer, Noblesville Millers Wrestling
“Justin was a great leader for the Noblesville wrestling program, on and off the mat! His work ethic and love for the sport is one that very few can match and that is what makes him so special. I am very excited that he is continuing his education and competing at the next level; Harper is getting a hidden gem in Justin! LOVE TO COMPETE!”

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Mattie Neely, Cheerleading. Butler University.
Front Row (Left to Right): Steve Neely (Father), Mattie Neely, Stephanie Neely (Mother)
Back Row (Left to Right): Bethe Beaver, Crystal Scott (Former Noblesville Cheerleading Head Coach), Andrew Masten (Noblesville Cheerleading Assistant Coach)

Butler University (NCAA Division I); Indianapolis, Indiana

  • Intended Major: Psychology and Sociology
  • Academic Achievements:
    • 3.9 GPA
    • National Honor Society
    • Journalism Honor Society
  • Non-Athletic Involvement:
    • Riley Dance Marathon Head chairperson
    • Editor and Leader of News Team
    • Volunteer Cheer coach for NEFL
    • Sales Associate at Duluth Trading Company
    • Genesis Church

Why I Chose My School: Butler University was the best choice for me. I was stuck between Butler and Indiana University for a really long time. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted between size, sports, academics, and friends. That made it harder because Butler and IU are quite the opposite when it comes to those things. After talking to many friends, most agreed that they could see me going to Butler and loving it. The more I thought about it, I began to get somewhat intimidated by IU, for its size and student life. Although I was intimidated, I soon learned that four of my closest friends were going there, which of course made my decision much harder. Thankfully for my current cheer coach and one of my best friends’ dads who is a Butler alumnus, they were able to contact the Butler cheer coach and arrange for me to attend a practice. One of the cheerleaders took me on a quick tour to see things I wouldn’t see on a normal campus tour, followed by practice. After practice that night, I had completely made the decision for myself. I loved the environment of not only the entire school but especially the cheer team. It was an easy-going, very welcoming area and group of people, and it made me want to be there more than anything.

How I Want to Get Involved: One of my favorite parts about Butler is that it is small enough that there’s a somewhat limited amount of things to do even though there’s still plenty and that everyone is pretty much involved. Greek Life is huge at Butler, especially because there is not a whole lot of other things to be involved in. I would like to rush my freshman year and join the same sorority my sister was in at Purdue. Also after my participation in the Riley Dance Marathon Committee at Noblesville, I would love to continue that at Butler. Riley Dance Marathon has become such an important part of my life and I’m so excited to experience it in a different setting where it is bigger and more important to all of those people, too.

I Would Like to Thank: There are so many people I’d like to thank within this process. I’d first like to thank my parents for giving me every opportunity to choose what I wanted to do in life. They wanted me to be happy wherever I went so they pushed me to really make that decision for myself. Even despite the expenses of Butler, they were so excited about my choice and were willing to do whatever it took to get me there. They also trusted me along the process with being sure with what I want to do. They’ve always been so supportive and caring and I’m very thankful for that. I’d also like to thank my best friends, Grant, Reagan, and Graley, for being supportive along the way. They are always so excited for me in everything I do and always make sure my decisions are based on me and no one else. They’ve done everything to keep me happy and feeling loved, and I really wouldn’t be where I’m at without them. Finally, I’d like to thank four of my most influential cheer coaches, Bethe Beaver, Crystal Scott, Andrew Masten, and Michael Martinez. These people have taught me way beyond cheer, which has enhanced my life choices, who I am, and my religious beliefs. All of these coaches have taught me so much about confidence, yet also humbleness, and how to treat the people around me. Bethe specifically has kept God apart of my teams since fourth grade, which has grown my relationship tremendously and taught me where to put my trust in all situations. In connection to that, I’d like to thank God for all of the great things he has done in my life. He has an amazing plan for me that I have been so lucky to follow along, and he has given me the best people that are all named above.

Former Head Coach Crystal Scott, Noblesville Millers Cheerleading
“The NHS Cheer program will deeply miss the leadership and talent of Mattie Neely. Mattie has been a part of two State Championship teams as well as a State Runner-Up team. She obtained a varsity letter all four years in cheer at NHS. She knows what dedication means and holds a strong work ethic in her practices and performances. Mattie’s academic record and her character on and off the track and mat will set her up for a successful academic and cheer career at Butler University. The Bulldogs will be proud to call her a member of their team next season!”

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Hunter Roberts, Men’s Lacrosse. Aquinas College.
Front Row (Left to Right): Terry Roberts (Father), Hunter Roberts, Julia Roberts (Mother), Tyler Roberts (Brother)
Back Row (Left to Right): Kyle Kruetzinger (Noblesville Boys Lacrosse Head Coach), Mark Milam (Noblesville Boys Lacrosse Assistant Coach), Ken Levinberg

Aquinas College (NAIA); Grand Rapids, Michigan

  • Position: Attack
  • Intended Major: Business Marketing
  • Academic/Athletic Achievements:
    • 3.803 GPA
    • Honors Student
    • Academic All-State
    • First Team All-Conference
  • Non-Athletic Involvement:
    • Coach at Youth Lacrosse Camps and Clinics

Why I Chose My School: I chose Aquinas because for me it had the all-around best feel. Not only do I bond well with the current players and I like the lacrosse team, but the campus is nice and I’m excited to take advantage of a small classroom setting.

How I Want to Get Involved: During college, I want to learn as much as possible in the business field. While I am not sure exactly what I want to do within the business field I am always open and looking at new options. At Aquinas, I also plan on joining recreational sports clubs to meet new people.

My Biggest Inspiration: My biggest inspiration would have to be my coaches and fellow teammates. This season especially, I felt a bond with this team that made me know that no matter what they had my back. Throughout the highs and lows of our season, we lifted each other up no matter the circumstance.

I Would Like to Thank: I would like to first thank my parents for all of the support they have given me through the last ten years of a year-round sport. I cannot imagine the number of lacrosse games they have sat through. I would also like to thank my friends, brother, and teammates who have supported me every day in life, sports, and school.

Kyle Kreutzinger, Head Coach Noblesville Millers Boys Lacrosse
“I knew Hunter prior to coaching him in high school and have seen true development in his ability not only on the lacrosse field but also as a leader of men. He was elected team captain this year by his teammates and he has risen to the honor. He is always someone who puts in the work outside of practice, working hard in pre-season conditioning and in the weight room as well as the classroom; Hunter is a multiple year IHSLA All-Academic team winner as well as 2019 Academic All-State recipient. He represented Noblesville in the 2018 IHSLA East/West showcase as well. Hunter has been a three-year starter for our team. He shows great work ethic day-in and day-out and prides himself on working with our younger players to leave his NHS team better than when he first arrived. He will be missed, but I know he will go on to do tremendous things at Aquinas. They are getting a young man who will certainly be tested at the college level, but will surpass any expectations! We are excited to see what unfolds for him at the next level.”

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Graley Walter, Cheerleading. Taylor University. PHOTO COURTESY KENT GRAHAM IMAGES Front Row (Left to Right): Steven Walter (Brother) Trish Walter (Mother), Graley Walter, Tim Walter (Father) Jane Walter (Grandmother) Back Row (Left to Right): Meridian Hollister, Crystal Scott (Former Noblesville Cheerleading Head Coach), Andrew Masten (Noblesville Cheerleading Assistant Coach)

Taylor University (NAIA); Upland, Indiana

  • Position: Base, Flyer
  • Intended Major: Elementary Education
  • Academic Achievements:
    • 4.0 GPA
    • National Honor Society
  • Non-Athletic Involvement:
    • Key Club Member
    • Volunteer NEFL Cheer Coach
    • Volunteer Children’s Camp Counselor

Why I Chose My School: When picking a college I looked for a place where I could not only obtain the best education possible but also grow more in my faith and learn more about myself; Taylor was that place where I knew I could achieve my goals and be successful.

How I Want to Get Involved: In college, I look forward to being a part of many clubs and activities where I can volunteer around the community and around my school.

I Would Like to Thank: I’d like to thank my coaches for their endless love and support and for how they always pushed me to be the best version of myself possible. I’d also like to thank my family for always loving me and supporting me in everything I do; I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for them.

Former Head Coach Crystal Scott, Noblesville Millers Cheerleading
“Graley was a fantastic part of the NHS Cheer program! When goals were set for her to achieve, she faced the challenge head-on until she achieved them. Graley was such a positive influence on her teammates; she never complained and reached out to each team member to develop friendships. Graley also involved herself in many clubs and organizations while at NHS. Taylor University is gaining such a hard-working athlete with team spirit cheering for them next year!”

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